The new era….Social Business

Just as the dawn of e-business changed business forever, ten years later organizations find themselves at another junction point in the evolution of business: the coming of age for Social Business as social computing and social media are integrated into enterprise design.

Social Business software has gained significant momentum in the enterprise, and this trend is expected to continue, with IDC forecasting a compound annual growth rate of 38 percent through 2014.

So what exactly is it , what is its value and just how can your organization benefit ?

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Becoming a Social Business: The IBM Story

The rise in consumer-oriented social networking applications and platforms over recent years has drawn curiosity from enterprises both large and small. IDC believes that curiosity has turned into business opportunity as the lines between consumer and enterprise continue to blur

The Social Business

As the world becomes more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent and the population continues to embrace social computing, today's enterprises face the dawn of a new era – the era of the Social Business. Just as the Internet changed the marketplace forever, the integration of social computing into enterprise design represents another enormous shift in the landscape.

Social Business Video Podcast

Watch these videos for essential tips on how to embrace Social Business. Two exclusive videos that will help you maximise the many benefits that organizations are finding via successful integration of social computing and media into their enterprise architecture.

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