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Hello and welcome to this CBR Mobility and Security microsite, brought to you in association with IBM.

Here you'll find a wealth of resources about one of the hottest topics in IT today: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the related security implications of that trend.

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Jason Stamper, CBR editor.


BYOD & Security Videos; IBM 2012 IBM Global Reputational Risk and IT Study

Click here to watch CBR editor Jason Stamper interview Chris McBrayne, director of business continuity and resiliency services, IBM UK & Ireland, about the latest challenges and opportunities in BYOD and the Consumerisation of IT. After free registration you'll be able to stream the video in two chapters, as well as download a copy of IBM's 2012 IBM Global Reputational Risk and IT Study in Adobe PDF format.

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CBR has just published a special report that looks in more depth at the BYOD and Consumerisation of IT trends, and also includes analysis of the findings of the CBR 2012 BYOD & Security Survey.

We surveyed 200 senior IT decision-makers, and the findings in this fast-moving area make some rather interesting reading, so click here now to read the report in full.

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2012 IBM Global Reputational Risk and IT Study

Reputational risk and IT: How security, business continuity and technical support can shape the reputation and value of your company