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The Business Review websites are your number one stop for all the latest news, content and industry information. Each Business Review website offers content that is produced by a dedicated team of journalists and global industry experts.

We have a global reach, a loyal subscriber base and over 2 million hits a year. Our audience is made up of energy professionals from all over the world, ranging all the way from the project professional, engineering, construction and purchasing teams to the top level directors and CEOs. Our geographic spread covers Europe (40%), North America (33%), South America (12%), Asia (7%), Middle East/Africa (8%). Our clever marketing mix includes solutions for branding, thought-leadership, new market entry campaigns, product promotions through to dedicated lead-generation and much more. We ensure you are positioned next to the most relevant content reaching your exact target audience, thus enabling you to come into contact with the most relevant audience for your product & services.


Homepage Section


The EBR homepage collates relevant, industry news, and has over 62 articles published per week.

Our average user will engage with 4.7 pages per visit on average, and by positioning your content next to relevant articles ensure you are seen and are clicked on by the right users. You will see multiple sections dedicated to banners, white papers, advertorials – all of which are reserved for our suppliers.

Article Page

This is a typical article page, written by our editorial team. What you will notice is the highlighted Suppliers Directory box where you will feature against relevant content.

Suppliers Directory

Our recommended Supplier Profiles are geared towards creating a platform where our users can react to and interact with your content. We have 6 tabs for you to optimise: Company Profile, Products & Services, Press Releases, Case Studies, White Papers, Videos. We gate your White Papers to encourage lead generation. We also host your Videos within our site and promote them on the relevant home page. Your products & services can be set up with links to your sites relevant pages, maximising your sites Google ranking and increasing traffic. Your content is picked up from your profile and displayed throughout EBR next to relevant content to ensure maximum exposure.


Content Promotion with EBR

Content marketing is taking the industry by storm. We enable you to promote specific Press Releases, Articles or Interviews within our ‘In The Spotlight’ section highlighted below. The content is pulled from your Suppliers Directory listing and promoted via the homepage and all relevant key topic centres.

Email Campaigns

Quantitative standard Email Campaign

E-mail campaigns are a great way to communicate with your target audience. Whether you are announcing a new product, promoting attendance at an event, a new article or a new office opening, whatever your message you are sure it will reach the right people. Our email campaigns enable you to send out longer, more detailed messages to our opt-in users. We can target specific users for you based on Sector and Geographic Region. You will receive an analytical tracking report of recipients activity e.g. delivery, open, conversion and click rates.

Qualitative, bespoke Email Campaign for Lead Generation

These email campaigns are hugely popular based upon the lead generation element via a ‘Call to Action’ request and their targeted deployment. You gain access to Progressive’s full portfolio of data, and you have full access to multiple industries to choose from. This comes with a graphic design service included, so you don’t need to worry about having to create the design yourself. You will receive the analytical tracking report of recipients activity e.g. delivery, open, conversion and click rates as with a standard e-shot, but in addition, we also provide you with full contact details of every recipient who has shown an interest in your service.

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